Have you gone through pregnancy? Or perhaps you are now fighting the different signs and symptoms of aging? One of the issues that you may encounter is the loosening of your vaginal muscles, and this can affect you in so many ways. First, you may start losing your confidence, and you may be hesitant to have sex with your partner. Again, this may cause conflicts and misunderstandings that can lead to worse problems. Not to mention that you may also experience various health problems related to having a loose vagina.

What causes a loose vagina?


hdhd84In order for you to have a better idea of how you can resolve the issue, you must first understand the causes of a loose vagina. Like what was mentioned above, giving birth, particularly successive childbirths, can significantly affect the tightness of your vagina. If you don’t give your body enough time to recuperate from the first pregnancy before you get pregnant and give birth to a child again, the tendency is that your body and the muscles in your private area will get weak. This results in a flappy vag.


The aging process is another factor that contributes to the loosening of your vaginal muscles. As years passed by, your estrogen level goes down, and because of this, the supply of nutrients to your intimate regions also decreases. So, what will happen? The muscles and walls of your lady part will start to loosen up. This condition is dreaded by women. If you are one of them, worry no more, because there are ways to solve this.

Vagina tightening

How can you tighten your vagina? This is a question of millions of women all over the world, especially those who are already experiencing the adverse effects of being in such a predicament.

Surgical procedure

One of the options is to undergo a surgical procedure known as vaginoplasty. The downside of this is it may cause complications. You may see the results right there and then, but the recovery time may take a while. Also, this procedure is expensive.

Non-surgical procedures

dhd84If you want to save money, then the best way to go is to avail of non-surgical procedures which include the use of vaginal tightening cream. In fact, you can even utilize some herbs or plants that you can find in your own backyard. Examples of the most useful herbs for tightening a loose vagina are Aloe Vera, Black Cohosh, Oak Goal, and many more.